Match with like-minded solopreneurs and grow a more meaningful work network.
We believe that freelance success is rooted in
Klapp is a
for freelancers. With Klapp you’ll be matched with new teammates who not only have the skills you need, but are
nice people
Are you a morning or evening person?
There are other freelancers like you! Matching is available for early adopters.
I see you like sci-fi and dogs besides writing code. That’s cool! I have a project for an animal shelter. Interested?
Ha, I sure do! Sounds interesting, tell me more.

The Klapp philosophy

Running a freelance business can make you feel that you should take care of everything yourself. Asking for help is not easy, because we are the proud kind. It can also be quite costly because we don't just bump into the right people by the coffee machine — we have to buy their time. Often this drains our energy and leaves no time for fun and games.

On the other hand, if you meet your match, both of you will see the problems diminish, revenues grow and lots of positive energy flowing in. All you need to do is start talking, asking how you can help each other.

Is your desk messy or clean?
There are other freelancers like you! Matching is available for early adopters.

When I work with people I match with, I get 80% more projects from them than from any other network. Our time together is fun and some I easily consider friends now. It’s not only financially beneficial, but also for my overall life quality.

Grete, web designer

The Klapp app

Build your profile

The profile is the biggest asset of the app because it shows your uniqueness. We’ll only ask a few questions in the beginning to start matching you new people. You can fine-tune your presence later when using the app and the matches will get better too.

Match with others

Then we display your matches and highlight the matching criteria. You can find people based on skills, interests, goals, personality traits, working habits and what so ever.

Build connections

You can also see if the person is accepting new projects at the given time. If you like the profile you can save it into folders or start a chat immediately. We will help you with meaningful introductions that highlight your common interests and break the ice.

Organize your network

You can create your own system for archiving contacts you might need later, for networking or for future projects.

Grow and learn

We’ll introduce you easy and fun ways to find out more about yourself, get better at freelancing and teamwork and make your profile irresistible to the right people.

Big city life or countryside bliss?
There are other freelancers like you! Matching is available for early adopters.
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