Joining a mastermind group is your best business move

Join a group of like-minded people who reach individual, but similar goals, share advice and kick ass in your business and private life! Sounds good, right?

We will help you get into one!

What we’ve realised

Goals are easier with companions

How to find the right people?

We will match you into a group for you

Your fellow masterminds will probably not be among your closest circles. That’s why we are here to help.

We have and will gather more people who will be matched together for perfect groups to learn, teach, and succeed together.

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Mastermind group members should be preferably in the same business type and have similar mindset and goals. There should be folks with various experiences (more and less than you have) – so that you can learn, give advice and reach your goals together. That’s why they are hard to find in your own circles.

What you will get

Here's what masterminds are designed to do



Your fellow group members hold you accountable for the goals you set in meetings. Knowing that you have a regularly scheduled meeting where others expect results will internally drive you to make progress.


Regular connection

Having a place to show up regularly is crucial to avoid the PJs covered in crumbs downfall of working from home. It will give you motivation and inspiration every time.


Network beyond your own

Everyone in your group will have access to a different skillset and network of people. When asking for help in your mastermind, these resources help you make progress in ways you never could by yourself.


Priceless advice & feedback

Hearing different views from other entrepreneurs and leaders allow you to see solutions you wouldn’t otherwise become aware of.


And much more...

A confidential space to discuss challenges and problems, a laboratory to learn and experiment, a reflection of your own wisdom and expertise as you help others, and potentially long-term friendships and connections.

Together you will help each other to succeed

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Klapp will get you into a group that is right for YOU. We will match you into a group that suits your goals, business & experience.

Professional matching


One time fee!
  • Profile analysis
  • Matching you into 5-8 member group
  • Guidelines for meetings
  • Online support
  • Facilitated first meeting by Klapp

Money-back guarantee – if you don’t get the right vibe in your group, you can ask for a refund.


How many will there be in a group?

Usually, groups are 5-8 people. If there are more interested people on one topic, we will separate them into another group. More than 8 people and scheduling becomes a nightmare. It will also take too long when everyone needs to share their thougths. Fewer than 4 people, and you don’t have enough people in the room to get at your puzzle or project with enough perspectives.

How long will meetings last?

Mastermind group meetings will last 60 minutes.

What language will be used?

We expect participants to be fluent in spoken English. But the group can decide their use of language if all members speak some other language.

How do I make the payment?

Secure Stripe payment is included in the registration form. You’ll receive a confirmation in your e-mail provided.

Can I receive an invoice?

Yes. Please send your (company) details to and we will issue an invoice for you.

Make the best move for your business.

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