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Why you need a ‘challenge network’

Katrin Press
2 min read

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders challenge the status quo, disrupt traditional thinking and innovate, which is why they need trusted people to call out their flaws, says organisational psychologist Adam Grant.


Support and encouragement are great, but where do you find the people who are not afraid to offer you constructive criticism? Are you willing to listen?

Leaders of today need more than a back-patting support network to make their mark. If you are a solo entrepreneur working alone or surrounded by too similar people, you may lack honest feedback.

Cultivating a group of trusted people who can identify the holes in our logic and strategies is a surefire, albeit sometimes uncomfortable, way to understand what you don’t know and be able to pivot in response. It may sound scary but the alternative is worse.

“If I don’t reach out to people and let them know that I want them to challenge me, those people are going to still have the same critical thoughts, I just won’t know”, says Grant in an interview with Curveball podcast host Kellie Riordan.

“When people hesitate to give me honest feedback, I ask for a 0-10 score on my idea, draft, or performance. No one says 10. Then I ask how I can get closer to a 10. It motivates them to coach me—and motivates me to be coachable. I want to learn how to close the gap.”

A mastermind group can help

When we create an environment where feedback is shared compassionately and directly, everyone benefits. This is exactly what a mastermind group is meant to deliver if set up and carried through considerately.

Mastermind group members should be preferably in the same business type and have similar mindset and goals. There should be folks with various experiences – more and less than you have. That’s why they are hard to find in your own circles.

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