The problem of trust

Katrin Press
1 min read

I have been a freelance photographer for over 10 years and have faced a lot of problems of running a business alone. Of course, I’ve had the freedom of creating my life around it as well. If I had a magic wand to create just one thing for all solo entrepreneurs this would be more time. So far no app has given me that and hardly ever saved any time, because there are so many for different tasks and all have a learning curve. So it’s a constant struggle: prioritise, optimise, automate, outsource.

Because we all have different backgrounds and skill-sets, we get stuck in different places and this is where networking comes to play. There are times we all need advice and short term help. Current solutions send us to platforms like Facebook for referrals and Upwork, Fiverr for project-based work. Let’s face it – it’s really time consuming and inefficient. Either our message gets diluted or we don’t get enough quality information to make a decision. We as solopreneurs know which people we want to work with, who we can trust and based on which data. Ideal matches have much more criteria than availability and an hourly fee. Big companies can afford more mistakes, because the responsibility is divided, but in our business, all that goes out has our name on it and has a price tag attached.

I believe that a solution to this problem can be created and this is where I’m hoping to get your feedback. What is your workflow? Where do you get most stuck? What drives you nuts? Which solutions are you willing to pay for?

I’m really excited about our quality time together!

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