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Katrin Press
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We wish you a very prosperous new year! For Klapp this will be a year of many discoveries and hopefully many new friends.


We have been working tirelessly for the past months and even during the holidays to make the Klapp experience real. We joined an accelerator programme Ajujaht (Brain Hunt) last autumn and got chosen among the 30 finalists that receive training and mentoring from the best experts in Estonian startup ecosystem. The programme will last until March.

They are also helping the teams to raise awareness and today an article about Klapp was published, unfortunately in Estonian. We’ll make a quick summary here.

What is Klapp doing?

We are creating a new work network for freelancers. We’re like Tinder for independent professionals. We match freelancers based on skills, goals, interest, working habits and a lot more.

Freelancers are more or less experts in their own special field, but there are always some areas of running a business where they lack experience. There are specialists for different tasks in bigger companies, but solopreneurs have to be extremely resourceful to either optimise or outsource the back office tasks. Failing to do so may result in isolation and burnout.

The traditional and superficial view on freelance business drives us seek new work in anonymous channels like Upwork and Fiverr or advertise on Facebook where it boils down to the cheapest rates and fastest delivery times. We did not start our independent journey to be treated like robots. Best work grows out of mutually understanding and respectful relationships.

Research confirms that 80-90% of new projects in freelance business is generated through the existing professional network.


Successful freelance businesses are collaborative by nature. And if yours is not at the moment, try to imagine how it would change if you could discuss your ideas with any independent specialist that you not only respect, but actually like…

Klapp aims to make forming short-term project teams fast and smooth.

How did you reach the current solution?

It was a reaction to the Corona virus outbreak last winter. Many freelancers were panicking and many actually lost their income, says Katrin Press, the founder of Klapp. I started thinking how freelancers could support each other and exchange services. At the same time I joined my first ever hackathon and experienced how much can focused teams achieve in a very short time. I realised what independent professionals who usually work alone miss out.

A few weeks later I submitted my idea to The Global Hack. I was lucky enough to attract 10 talented people and we finished 2nd at the Future of Work track. Today we are a team of 5 freelancers from Estonia and the Netherlands developing the platform for ourselves and people like us.

Who gets most out of Klapp?

The platform is for independent professionals mainly doing knowledge work. Our ideal customer is a curious and growth oriented solo business owner. They understand that they are the biggest asset in their business and how personal growth is related to business success. The see the value in engaging with like-minded entrepreneurs.

How does the matching work?

We’re currently developing our matching algorithm. We’re asking our users to fill out a short form that will be the starting point of their user profile. In the main view we’ll showcase the user other freelancers that are matched to them according to their preferences. The match percentage and the matching criteria is also visible to the user which makes it easier to start conversations via chat. The matches can be saved and organised and accessed easily when assistance is needed.

There will be also short and entertaining tests available that allow the users to add information to their profiles and make the matching more accurate. Opposite to dating platforms Klapp aims to give a few quality leads instead of endless swiping.

What are you aiming for at Ajujaht?

Our goal is to demonstrate that we have a unicorn potential and this is not accidental. Estonia is a world leader in number of unicorns per capita. So far, Estonia has produced four billion-dollar unicorns: SkypePlaytechTransferwise, and Bolt. Klapp believes that there is something unique in our past experience, present business infrastructure and our work culture that cultivates startups that are equipped to change the world. But it’s only possible if we ourselves and people around us, our customers, partners and general public believe in it.

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