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First mastermind group running

Katrin Press
1 min read

We’ve recently started our first mastermind group. A group of 4 has met three times already. Our participants are from Germany, France, Estonia and a digital nomad currently in Croatia.

We are super proud of the first attendees who come from the fields of marketing, IT, coaching and art. It takes a certain type of people to have trust in something new. So our first customers are very supportive, open-minded, curious and kind fellows. We believe that those are the characteristics of the early adopters of Klapp and there are more people like that waiting to meet you.

“It was great to experience the energy of someone who has it more or less together,” said one of the participants about the last event. “The people you spend time with also affect how you feel and what your standards are. Even if you feel like a top player in your league, maybe it’s time to switch leagues and find new challenges.”

If you haven’t heard anything about mastermind groups before, read this first.

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