A team that came together to make freelancing more fun & meaningful

Klapp team is made of individuals who want to change the world of freelance work. We are a remote team from 4 countries based out of Tallinn, Estonia.

We, freelancers, share more or less the same story. At some point in our lives, we understood that we can make it on our own – we don’t need corporate systems to earn a living.

But even today when there are 162 million freelancers globally, we are a minority, an anomaly next to employment. We are still largely miscalculated and misunderstood. But here we are.

We see the attitudes slowly change as we come greater in numbers. But there is still a great divide between the two worlds. It means only we can build the best work solutions for us. We know how the work gets done. We know what makes us happy.

We believe that freelancers are the future and that they deserve better.

Our team

Katrin Press

Co-Founder, CEO

Grete Hints

Co-Founder, CPO

Ronald Beilsma-Ye

CTO, Web Developer

Thomas Palopoli

Web Developer

Aleksandr Korotkov

Data Scientist

Our partners